Vadim Kadyrov
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Skype: hlaford2010
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Phone: +380 66 6575190 My blog - "Behind the Enemy Lines"

A Russian-speaking freelance translator and desktop publishing (DTP) specialist (one of top 20 English-Russian translators in Ukraine according to with 10+ years of English-Russian translation experience and an MA degree in linguistics and translation studies is ready to offer high-quality translation services to both companies and individuals from all around the globe.

Having been an amateur radio operator of a club station (call sign is UR4QZF) for almost 12 years, I have a lot of experience in electronics, electrotechnics, telecommunication as well as physics in general.

Moreover, after spending 2 years at a construction site of one of steel mills in Ukraine with German, Indian, the UK specialists as their English/Russian/Ukrainian interpreter, I now have vast practical expertise in the field (metal production, engineering practices and procedures, civil engineering).

I also translate from Russian into English. Although I am not a native speaker of English, my English is quite close to this level. I believe different clients "understand that varying quality levels are expected and needed to meet the demands of the content explosion." (Jane Freeman in "Diversification in the language industry" by Nicole Y. Adams). Sometimes even gist translation will suffice.

IT is also a field I am qualified to work in. SEO optimization and Internet marketing (which were some of my functions at Conkurent, LLC - may be regarded as the most time-consuming and effort-demanding tasks connected with IT-related research. Job-related functions there included translation of various manuals, software specifications, GUI strings, etc. from English into Russian as well as DTP-related functions. Moreover, I am an experienced user of Trados Passolo, Trados Studio 2009 and 2011, Adobe Creative Suite applications (InDesign CS5.5, Photoshop CS6), and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Several games and websites were translated by me for various vendors here in Ukraine, Poland, Germany as well as the US.

FOUR benefits you will get:

MA diploma in TRANSLATION = translation is DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL
ONE-STOP service provider (EN-RU translation + DTP) = I SAVE YOUR TIME

Add here thousands of pages of business, marketing and financial documents translated since 2005.

I am on-line from 5 to 20 GMT every day, which means that you will always be able to contact me when there is an urgent need for an English-Russian freelance translator or an editor/DTP specialist for any translated text.