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About Me

Who Am I?

I am an experienced Russian-speaking freelance translator and JS/PHP coder (one of top 15 English-Russian translators in Ukraine according to PROZ.com), with 12+ years of English-Russian translation experience and an MA in linguistics/translation studies. I offer translation services to companies and people from different countries. I am also the author and coder of this free on-line counter of translation statistics in MS Office 2007-2016 and PDF files - t9ncount.com.

Official Russian localizer of MDaemon products (MDaemon Email Server, etc.) by MDaemon Technologies.

With 12 years of ham radio experience under my belt, I am now an expert in electronics and telecommunication.

Moreover, after spending 2 years at a construction site of one of the largest steel mills in Ukraine along with German, Indian, UK specialists as their English/Russian/Ukrainian interpreter, I now have vast practical expertise within the industry (metal production, engineering technologies and procedures, civil engineering, etc.).

I am an expert user of Trados Studio and CafeTran. Several games and websites were translated by me for various vendors. Do you want to have the latest translation industry news? Follow me on Twitter - Vadym Kadyrov.



Web apps


More than 60 happy, regular clients since 2010.
Millions of words translated since 2004.

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What I do?

What I offer:

EN/UKR/RU translations

Any direction, any complexity


Making your translations better

development of web applications



Polishing your WordPress website

Linguistic validation

Bringing your content much closer to natives

helping find clients

If you don`t speak a language

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My skills

What my clients say about me

When trying to make a decision, clients often use various types of information. What a translator offers is intangible (you can`t weigh a service), and clients need some sort of measurable characteristics to speak about quality. Here is my collection of testimonials I have gathered recently. I hope they will help you make a firm decision. More references are here - my proz.com page.




Zaporizhzhia National University - linguistics, translation studies, CAT



Work Experience

Freelance En/Ukr-Ru translator 2006-2019

Successful cooperation with 60+ regular clients from various countries. Successful English-Russian linguistic support of long-term clients, establishing relationships with new clients to help them prosper/enter foreign markets - for more than 12 years now. For more info go to my PROZ.com page.

Full-stack freelance web developer 2017-2019

JS/PHP/MySQL developer. Full coding support of WordPress websites - plugin tweaks, website transfers to new servers, changing themes/plugins behavior, tweaking databases, etc. For more info visit my Upwork profile.

t9ncount.com project

What is t9ncount.com?

It is a simple yet very powerful FREE counter of words, numbers and repetitions in Microsoft Office 2007-2016 and PDF files - originally designed for translators. Supported formats: .DOCX, .XLS, .XLSX, .PPTX, .PDF. By the way, I am the proud author and coder of this tool - t9ncount.com

This engine was tested on hundreds of files randomly picked from the Internet. Results were successfully compared to the results of FineCount, MS Word and CafeTran. LATIN and CYRILLIC scripts are supported only.

The following libraries (with licenses) are included under the GNU lesser general public license: PclZip, PhpSpreadsheet, PDFParser, TCPDF, Zend Framework.

You (as a translator) can use the tool to either send an instant quote to your direct clients, or to compare the numbers you get to the numbers translation agencies sent you, just to see if you can accept the file and the deadline. You can use your tablets, smartphones, etc. No need to rush to your computer, or buy/install any additional software! It is online, and it`s very easy.

Enjoy it. It is free!

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31-68 Chumachenka, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine


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